How To Install CpCleaner In CPanel & WHM Server?

cpcleaner cpanel install

Install CpCleaner in cPanel/WHM Step by Step:

What is CpCleaner?

CpCleaner is a cPanel plugin created to give cPanel users the option to clean junk files that take up disk space without cause.

Sometimes cPanel users turn for support because they run out of disk space And actually it’s all about some error_log files that take up disk space.

With CpCleaner installed your cPanel users will be able to clean out the trash from the account without a long search and with a few clicks.

How does it work?

The search trash is guided by a list of files extensions or names that you establish for your users, The default is: error_log, *.tar *.zip *.tar.gz

In addition, there is also another option empty the “tmp” and “.trash” folders And in the future will be even more options.


  1. Easy installation.

  2. Automatic Updates.

  3. Clean out files by extensions or name.

  4. Clean out the “tmp” and “.trash” folders.

  5. Support cPanel, cPanel with CloudLinux. CentOS 5/6/7..

System requirements:

  • cPanel/WHM Version- 11.52.0+



Step 1. Login SSH as root.

Step 2. Run the following shell commands.

  1. wget -O cpc-1.0.3.tar “”
  2. tar -xf cpc-1.0.3.tar
  3. cd cpc-1.0.3
  4. sh cpc-installer -install
  5. cd ..
  6. rm -Rfv cpc-1.0.3/ cpc-1.0.3.tar

Update CpCleaner In cPanel:


Automatic Updates

To enable automatic updates, copy the “update” file to one of the cron folders e.g:

cp /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/CpCleaner/conf/update /etc/cron.monthly/

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Search Config

To change the list of files to be scanned edit file: “/usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/CpCleaner/conf/filestoscan”.


Run the following shell commands as root via SSH:

wget -O cpc-1.0.3.tar ""
tar -xf cpc-1.0.3.tar
cd cpc-1.0.3
sh cpc-installer -uninstall
cd ..
rm -Rfv cpc-1.0.3/ cpc-1.0.3.tar

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