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Breaking Ground: Top Canadian Trading App Finally Embraces Crypto Fully

Top Canadian Trading App

In a significant leap towards embracing the digital financial frontier, one of Canada’s leading trading apps has announced its full-scale integration of cryptocurrency trading. This strategic move not only reflects the growing prominence of digital assets but also signals a major shift in the financial landscape of the Great White North. Let’s delve into the … Read more

BTC to LTC Portfolio Diversification; The Best Strategy to Stay Safe Amidst Cryptocurrency Price Volatility


When developers launched Litecoin in October 2011, the aim was to serve as a complement to Bitcoin. Being a new cryptocurrency, Litecoin developers could identify Bitcoin’s flop and create a solution to it, including solving its slow transaction rate. As a result, migrating from BTC to LTC is almost in the same circle; however, having … Read more

Binance Labs Raises $500M to Invest Into Blockchain, WEB3, and Value-Building Technologies

Binance Labs closed a $500 million fundraising round to secure capital that will be invested into Web3, blockchain, and value-building technology. The investment will be directed towards projects that work on developing more use cases for crypto by the team at Binance Labs. This fundraising round was supported by some of the leading global investors … Read more

Huobi Obtains License to Operate in the British Virgin Islands, States There Is No Timetable for Expansion Into the United Kingdom Yet

British Virgin Islands

Huobi’s affiliate Brtuomi Worldwide is one of the first exchanges in the British Overseas Territory to offer compliant crypto derivatives and trading services. In addition, Huobi, a major cryptocurrency exchange, is expanding its worldwide presence by entering the British Virgin Islands, a British Overseas Territory. Huobi stated on Friday that it had obtained an investing company … Read more

Cryptocurrency Future – What Does It Look Like?

Cryptocurrency Future

The world of cryptocurrency is dynamic, continually evolving, and often challenging to predict. As we stand at the intersection of technological innovation and financial transformation, the future of cryptocurrency holds immense potential and a multitude of possibilities. In this article, we will explore the key trends and factors that shape the landscape of cryptocurrency and … Read more

A Potential Reason Behind Bitcoin’s Surge

Bitcoin’s Surge

One potential reason behind Bitcoin’s surge could be attributed to growing institutional interest and acceptance. Over the past few years, established financial institutions and large corporations have shown an increasing inclination toward embracing Bitcoin as a legitimate asset class. This institutional adoption has brought a level of credibility and acceptance to the cryptocurrency market. Major … Read more

Bitcoin Price is in the Green but EOS is Today’s Real Winner

Bitcoin Price

The cryptocurrency top ten are in the green! Well, eight of them are at least. According to CoinMarketCap, the total cryptocurrency market cap today is $182,807,737,820. As usual, when Bitcoin price is in the green, the rest of the market tends to be too. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is showing gains of a respectable 1.13%—a continued increase from … Read more

Arcane Predicts Bitcoin Mining Will Cost Less Than 0.5% Of Global Energy if BTC Hits $2M


Recent predictions from Arcane Research suggest that Bitcoin could become a significant consumer of energy by 2040, especially if its price reaches several million dollars. The cryptocurrency research and analytics organization, in a paper released on Monday by Jaran Mellerud, an analyst at Arcane Research, outlines the potential trajectory of Bitcoin’s energy consumption. According to … Read more